Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New Poetry

Crossing The Bridge

On the path there are many twists and turns.

There are days of joy mixed with heartache,

Days of utter confusion and despair mixed with hope,

Days of wondering will you ever be able to cross the bridge.

Don't lose hope, continue on the path until the bridge is within reach;

With its pure glistening water below and the warmth of the sun hitting your face.

Crossing the bridge is hard when the wounded heart is fearful of the unknown.

Are you ready to cross; leaving the old life behind?

Its hard to change when the wounds of the past have built your life.

On one side there is dark blindness; the other light and life abundance;

Which one will you choose?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


A place where I can go to be one with my rambling thoughts.

A place that is quiet, a place of my own.

A place where I can escape the realities of this world and live in one of my own design.

A place where I can be me; not the person the world thinks I should be!

A place with white sands and aquamarine waters not yet been contaminated by the hands of man.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

New Poem

I have not posted anything new here in a while. I have been busy with tax season and marketing for Healing Through Creativity. I would like to post a new poem I wrote last month. I especially like this one because I am using a little more literary techniques here. I hope you all enjoy the poem.


Sees through the glorious light,
Every part of beauty etches the soul,
Needs beauty to help become whole.

The ache and longing continue,
Constant in the heart sees beauty everywhere,
Instead of an ugly stare.

Clandestine love of a young heart,
Needing and yearning beauty’s path to cross,
Without it, the heart suffers loss.

Needs beauty to comfort the tired soul,
Living in a world that doesn’t care,
Crying and alone in despair.

Like two ships sailing different ways,
The path and beauty have been going,
Not one or the other knowing.

The fates say they have other things in store,
It is time to let go,
Like a stubborn child tells them NO!

So hard to let go of beauty,
It is in the heart from first to last,
It does not remind of the dark and wicked past.

Knowing there is much light ahead,
Still holds to beauty tightly,Day by day tries to let go ever so lightly.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In The Darkness

In The Darkness


A child alone in the darkness laid waiting for his footsteps to come,
Heard them come near wanted to run.

Alone in the darkness, built an imaginary world to escape the pain, wondering would anything be the same.

In the darkness crying alone, wanting comfort and arms that are safe, alone in the darkness his little waif.


Many nights laid in the darkness waiting for death to come, how many ways to become undone.

In the darkness laying for hours inside self wanting to die, for so many years, living and believing the lie.

In the darkness living a starving raped soul, hoping one day to become whole.


Years have passed, the journey has begun, it is time now to stop and not run.

Laying in the darkness the shadows of the past come calling, many nights dreams of falling.

Falling and falling with no end in sight, wake from sleep full of fright.

Feeling the shadows hands around the throat, wake from sleep wanting to choke.

The shadow breathes in the ear, wake from sleep again to not let him near.


The journey continues,no dark shadows haunt the sleep, no more in the darkness weep.

In the darkness peace is near, the darkness no longer a source of fear.

In the darkness alone crying no longer, since the journey began the heart and healing soul become stronger.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

To Get To You

I am changing to get to you,
I know now it is something I have to do.
Changing to make myself whole,
No longer do I want to live in a fish bowl.
Changing to make you proud of me,
I want to be the person I know I can be.
Each day I climb out of the abyss,
There will be days however that I will miss.

A starving soul who has lost her way,
I believed all the lies what can I say.
In the darkness I have lived for many years,
I ruled my life by childish fears.

I am changing inside and out,
There are times I do live in fear and doubt.
I feel good enough to be the one you need,
So take me by the hand, I will let you lead.
I see you and want to be with you,
I want you so bad I don’t know what to do.
I hope one day our paths will cross
For now I am at a loss; you don’t even know I exist,
You are only a dream in the mist.

Every day my heart and soul grow better and stronger,
I am weak no longer.
There will be days I can’t get out of my way,
I’m not perfect hey what can I say.
It is time for YOU and the rest of the world to see me,
In isolation again I will no longer be.

I smile, laugh and love to have fun,
No more do I live life on the run.
My soul is full and burning with passion,
I do not indulge tradition or any other fashion.
To the world I give my gift of the written word,
They will set free the caged bird.
No longer do I ask where do I belong,
For many years I sang that old tired song.

I do sometimes struggle with addictive behaviors,
For the longest time they have been my only saviors.
With faith and confidence in myself I will overcome
I have changed to no longer become undone.

I have changed so I can love you, me and others,
No longer will I run and hide under the covers.
With all my faults, insecurities and mistakes of the past,
there is one thing I ask,
Can you see past them and be the love that will last.

With each change I make, I will no longer repeat
the same mistake. With each breath I take, each
step I make they lead me one step closer to you.