Wednesday, September 02, 2009


A place where I can go to be one with my rambling thoughts.

A place that is quiet, a place of my own.

A place where I can escape the realities of this world and live in one of my own design.

A place where I can be me; not the person the world thinks I should be!

A place with white sands and aquamarine waters not yet been contaminated by the hands of man.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

New Poem

I have not posted anything new here in a while. I have been busy with tax season and marketing for Healing Through Creativity. I would like to post a new poem I wrote last month. I especially like this one because I am using a little more literary techniques here. I hope you all enjoy the poem.


Sees through the glorious light,
Every part of beauty etches the soul,
Needs beauty to help become whole.

The ache and longing continue,
Constant in the heart sees beauty everywhere,
Instead of an ugly stare.

Clandestine love of a young heart,
Needing and yearning beauty’s path to cross,
Without it, the heart suffers loss.

Needs beauty to comfort the tired soul,
Living in a world that doesn’t care,
Crying and alone in despair.

Like two ships sailing different ways,
The path and beauty have been going,
Not one or the other knowing.

The fates say they have other things in store,
It is time to let go,
Like a stubborn child tells them NO!

So hard to let go of beauty,
It is in the heart from first to last,
It does not remind of the dark and wicked past.

Knowing there is much light ahead,
Still holds to beauty tightly,Day by day tries to let go ever so lightly.