Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Guardian

Dear sweet one we have finally laid you to rest,
Your sensitive soul is not put to the test.
You were sent to protect and guard,
To help us when life gets too hard.

You now sit quietly here on my shoulder,
To guard and guide as life grows colder.
We need to believe you did not die in vain
If you did nothing will be the same.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


This post is inspired by Sarah's latest post "Satan's Lies". Just want to let you know that you are not alone.


I lived my life by the voices in my head,
They have filled it with a lot of lead.
The voices tell me that the abuse was my fault,
This message was ingrained in my mind’s vault.
The voices tell me that things were not worth trying,
This lie I was always buying.
The voices told me that I am bad,
This has always made me truly sad.
The voices tell me that I do not deserve good things,
That is now why I have broken wings.

The voices tell me that I can’t do anything,
Therefore, I sat at home alone and did nothing.
The voices tell me that things will never get better,
Therefore, I let the sadness, anger and doubt fester.
The voices have always put me down,
That is why I walk around with a frown.
The voices tell me that I will never be good enough,
I am so tired of listening to that stuff.
The voices I have listened to for many years you see,
They have tricked me out of the person I thought I could be.
Now one voice tells me it is time to change the tape,
I am doing this now so from negativity I can escape.

I have let my negative thought patterns (and other things) rob me of the life I so richly deserve. My friend Kate always said to me it was time to "change the tapes". What she means is to start thinking positively about things and not let the "voices" take over and hinder me from living life and start seeing things in a different way.