Monday, November 06, 2006

I Grieve

In addition to "Why She Cries" this is my favorite poem that I have written. I hope you all will like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

I grieve for my lost child,
The adult who now goes wild.
I grieve for innocence lost,
The adult who now adds the cost.
I grieve for youth past,
The adult tries recapture long does it last.
I grieve dark prince who loved me first,
The adult whose heart wants to burst.
I grieve for life passed by,
The adult who is angry and starts to cry,
I grieve for possibly no future,
The adult whose wounds are trying to suture.

Marie A. Coppla
Copyright ©2006 Marie A. Coppla

Monday, October 30, 2006

Published Again!

On Thursday of last week I recieved a letter from the editors of to inform me that my poem "Addiction" is going to be published and that it is entered in the semi-finals in their monthly poetry contest. You can read the poem on this site, or on My Space.

As some of you know my first poem "Her Angel" was published in 2005. To me this is another little step in where I want to go. I hope this IS a sign of better things to come.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why She Cries

To heal she now feels the pain and cries the tears,
She has not done so for many years.She lies alone in her bed in the dead of night,
She wants someone to hold her and take away the fright.
She cries because she was made an adult before itwas time to be one,

She could never go out and have any fun.
She cries for her lost youth and innocence,
She feels that her whole life she has done penance.
She cries for not experiencing a first true love,
Pure and white just like a dove.

She cries for what she did to survive,
She has never felt truly alive.
She cries for the reality that she is alone,
She wants someone to find her and bring her home.

She cries for the lost hope she sometimes feels inside,
She wants to pull over the covers and hide.
She cries for making bad choices,
She has always listened to the voices.

She cries for the way her life has turned out,
Now all she wants to do is scream and shout.
She cries for the person she once was and the personshe has become,
She still hopes that some day those two will become one.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Book Cover

I don't think all of my readers know, but I am trying to have my poetry published. I have been working on this project for over a year. It seems I can't find the money to pay for the publishing costs. I have however chosen a title for the book and designed a cover.

Below is a cover I designed, please take a look and feel free to comment.

The first picture is the back cover: White roses are so pure...Red roses are just white roses bleeding from pain

The second image is the front cover: It includes the title of the book which I will not reveal at this time...I want to surprise everybody. The background color is white. Not bad for an amateur Eh?

Saturday, October 07, 2006



You have an addiction; Like a cancer growing bigger out of control.
I don’t know how it started; End it before it consumes your soul.
You lie, beg, steal and borrow to feed it; That’s what addiction does. I thought I could trust you, Were you my friend?
You took from me to feed it; I guess I was the victim once again.
You have to work to regain broken trust, addiction has become your lust.
I know what you did; you will not own it, that’s what addiction does to the soul.
You have taken from me once; You will take no more. I will not feed your addiction.

Marie A Coppla

Copyright ©2006 Marie A Coppla

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcome Everybody!!

Here it is as promised so long ago, my poetry blog. I would like to dedicate this blog to the memory of my niece-Brittany Nicole Kish-a published poet who had awesome potential. That potential will never be recognized due to her untimely passing on April 11, 2005.This blog deals with poetry. I will be publishing mine, Brittany's (with proper permission of course) and any other amateur poets. To submit poems e-mail me at will start things off with one of mine called Silence


In silence I dream of living another life,
Life without constant turmoil and strife.
In silence my darkness cries out for help,
But the world does not seem to care,
I dream for a kindred spirit, one who
Will always be there.

In silence my isolation grows,
When it will end I will never know.
In silence it seems my life has passed me by,
It took me forever it seems to understand why.

In silence I have put up the walls so nobody comes in,
If they don't come down the dark prince will win.
In silence I listen to the voices in my head,
Gone astray, that is where they have lead.

From silence I learned to cope,
I have also found that there is hope.
Silence has broken my sensitive wings,
I could never talk about a lot of things.

Silence is not going to set you free
That it is no way to be.
Silence will bind you to the secrets of the heart,
Releasing it is the best place to start.

Once the silence is broken my wings can fly again,
The only question that remains is WHEN?