Thursday, June 21, 2007

With You

I have often been criticized that my poems have been too depressing. I guess they only see what's on to base their opinions on. That site only allows poems that are 20 lines or less. Some of my more uplifting poems are much longer and give hope to the reader. I am going to share with you one of a few poems I wrote for my therapist Carol who has since retired. When I think about her and our time together it always makes me smile. It was due to her kindness and her guidance that I am in a better place in my life today.

With You

I lived my life the black hole,
As a result, I never achieved my true goal.
I woke up one day and told myself enough of this,
The search began to climb myself out of the abyss.
I needed to find someone I could trust,
That to me is a must.
Now I have found you my lending ear,
You are the first person I have let get near.

Now with you I can talk about and feel the pain,
You gave me hope, now my life will never be the same.
With you, I learned that bad things happen to GOOD people,
So no longer do I need a pew and a steeple.
With you, I learned I had to forgive myself what I did to survive,
You were there when my soul began to thrive.

With you, I learned I don’t have to forgive HIM for the treachery
he infiltrated upon me,
When I found that out, I yelled, Yippee!
With you, I learned I have to forgive myself at that’s ALL,
No longer must I feel like I am a foot tall.
With you, I learned that is was NOT my fault,
That was the biggest truth that I was taught
It was one of the answers that I have always sought.